What is this man doing? I picked up this rubber stamp awhile back because I just couldn't resist it. I just saw a strange figure holding a strange object in a strange position. Other people I have showed it to think it is obscene or that the man is some sort of perverted voyeur.

Now it is your vote. What is this man doing? After I have gathered some mini-stories I like, I am going to make a little book about my strange little stamp of a strange naked man.

If you would like to leave an answer, but don't want it used for the book, please check the "Don't Publish" check box below. If I can use your story but not your name, please check the "Don't use my name" box. Otherwise, I will use the stories I like giving credit to the authors in the book. When might this be done? When I get around to it. I'll make an announcement here when it's all complete. Maybe I'll even scan the pages in for everyone's enjoyment/amusement.

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What do you think this man is doing?